DEMZ-Engineering LLC is an engineering and manufacturing company. DEMZ LLC includes a design and engineering division, a chief technologist service, a production division, and its own transport and logistics division, including:
-engineering department (designer and technologists, GUIs) - 58 people -production personnel - 163 people

Leader in the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of gas cleaning equipment.

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DEMZ-Engineering LLC (DEMZ-Engineering) is a union of highly qualified like-minded people who improve the quality of life of society by reducing industrial emissions into the environment.
The company "DEMZ-Engineering" is united by a common goal, having created a powerful engineering and production conglomerate for solving problems related to air purification of any level of complexity and allowing to complete the task in a complex from the project to the commissioning of the facility.

At present, DEMZ-Engineering LLC, with the support of European partners, offers on the Ukrainian and European markets the most modern technologies for cleaning flue gases with obtaining a residual concentration of solid particles, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides at the outlet of the gas cleaning plant, which meets the most stringent modern European standards. requirements, as well as utilization of the latent heat of flue gases in condensing economizers in order to reduce the consumption of natural gas and reduce emissions of No веществ substances into the atmosphere (nitrogen oxides formed in chemical reactions during fuel combustion).

Modern gas cleaning plants offered by DEMZ-Engineering give the industry a completely new look - clean, attractive and safe. The gas cleaning plant is no longer perceived as a filter system, but is an independent high-quality industrial building with a modern technological design and safe, bright and clean workplaces.

During the period of its existence, DEMZ-Engineering has carried out the reconstruction or construction of gas cleaning units at more than 50 facilities in almost all industries, such as:

- metallurgy;

- heat power engineering;

- cement industry;

- MEZs

- bioenergy and waste incineration.

The clients of the Holding are such companies as:


- PJSC "Centerenergo";

- PJSC Donbasenergo;

- Subdivisions of the Metinvest Holding - Zaporizhstal, DMKD, SevGOK;

as well as many other Ukrainian and foreign companies, according to the results of work with which our group of companies has multiple positive references.

When designing gas cleaning equipment, our company adheres to the principle of an individual approach to each client. To minimize the costs of the client, gas cleaning equipment is designed individually, taking into account the specific requirements of the client and the conditions of the construction site, which allows optimizing the equipment being introduced and does not require unreasonable costs for excess capacity.