01.06.2016  We sign a contract to deliver spare parts to ESP with SE «Krivoy Roh TPP» of JSC «DTEK Dneproenergo»

21.06.2016  We sign a contract to deliver spare parts to ESP of gypsum production with JSC «Ivano-Frankovsk Cement»

10.08.2016  We delivered first lot of spare parts of ESP to SE «Krivoy Roh TPP» of JSC «DTEK Dneproenergo»

20.08.2016  We delivered second lot of spare parts of ESP to SE «Krivoy Roh TPP» of JSC «DTEK Dneproenergo»

 26.08.2016  We performs regular service of maintaining at JSC «Poltava sunflower oil plant of Kernel Group»

27.09.2016  Our offer of design work of de-dusting unit #4 drying drum reconstruction at Krivoy Roh Cement plant of JSC «HeidelbergCement Ukraine» has been accepted.


- Development of individual projects for each client, taking into account the customer's budget;

- Our own facilities that allow to produce complicated steel structures, equipment and parts, focusing on the needs of the client;

- Maximum optimization of technological process that allows us quickly produce high quality products;

- Our own road transport department that ensuring the delivery of finished products to the project site just in time.

Accumulated during fifty years experience and modern resources enable professionals Company DEMZ-Engineering to develop and implement industrial projects to improve results up to the world-standards of environment protection:

  • Industrial gas de-dusting and desulphurization installation with any complexity;
  • Electrostatic precipitators;
  • Fabric Bag filters;
  • FDG systems;
  • Inertia purification system.




DEMZ-Engineering Company strives to achieve the best results, therefore pays great attention to the selection and development of highly qualified specialists team.



Sergei Sorokopud
Commercial Director


Ekaterina Jerdeva
Financial Director


Andrei Yurchenko
Director of Project Realization Department






 In order that experts of DEMZ-Engineering would provide you the most accurate advice with the selection of equipment, we are kindly ask you to fill out this questionnaire with maximum details. 


The best evidence of the success of implemented by DEMZ-Engineering projects is these projects itself.

You can view the list of our projects  here 


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